Cheap Bulk Duracell Batteries!

batteriesWe offer the cheapest Duracell batteries on the web! How can our prices be so low? Because we sell our stock in larger packages, we can buy larger volumes from our suppliers and thus push the prices even lower. We do not deal with expensive middle men, like importers and small wholesalers, but directly from the manufacturers or large, international distributors. When we save money, you save money!

Choose your battery size - Duracell AA eller AAA

battery packAA og AAA are the most common consumer batteries in the US and Europe. You can buy only AA, only AAA or a mix of half AA, half AAA. AAA batteries are the smallest of the common consumer batteries and are mostly used in small electronic devices such as TV remote controls, MP3 players and digital cameras. AA batteries are one size bigger, and are found in a huge range of devices such as radios, toys and other larger consumer electronics. If you are not sure which battery size you use the most, we recommend opting for our mixed package.


This offer is available to US and Candian clients only.

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